Convergence ELectives

2022 - 2023

Connection Codes

9-week Foundations Course. September 15 - November 10, 2022

Connection Codes Foundation Course. End the cycle of miscommunication and conflict in your marriage. Connection Codes is designed and taught by Dr. Glenn & Phyllis Hill. Dr. Glenn is a marriage & family therapist as well as a clinical sexologist. His greatest credential is his 40-year marriage. 

Dr. Glenn and Phyllis know the pain of a hopeless marriage all too well. They spent several years in an unhealthy marriage cycle and knew there had to be a better way. Dr. Glenn decided to go back to school and become a marriage and family therapist and a doctor in sexology. He spent a decade researching human connection. This is where Connection Codes was birthed. The Hill’s flipped their marriage around and now they have helped couples get unstuck using the science of emotions and how they fire in the brain. Out of their pain, a new way of life began for them and through that for thousands of other couples around the globe.

The Hill’s have taken 8 weeks of marriage therapy and made it into video format. They have formatted a decade of research into 8 modules and because we have purchased the group package for churches, nine couples can take this course for a fraction of what it costs if purchased individually. The course is designed like a puzzle, each course builds upon the next and you need them all for the full transformation.

Don’t put off connecting! This course is designed to help couples whether they are newly married and wanting a strong foundation, wanting to level up, living like roommates, or in constant disconnect. 

This is offered on a first come basis and is only open to nine couples.

Visit to learn more about the course.

Class time: Thursday 6:30 - 8:30 pm in Room 104

Class Size: 9 couples (maximum)

Registration: $50/per person, ($100 per couple)

Facilitators: Kevin & April Via


COnverging with the rabbi

28 WEEKS. SEPTEMBER 2022 - April 2023.

For 28 weeks*, we are studying the book of Matthew. We hit one chapter per

week discussing culture, history, the complexities of the region and the people that

Jesus walked among. This class is offered on a first come basis and is limited to 20


*You must be able to commit for the duration of the


Class time: Tuesday 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Room 104

Class Size: 20

Registration: $20/per person

Instructor: Pastor Dan Colvin


Kingdom Culture

8 Weeks. September 12 - November 7, 2022.

This class will help you learn how to greater steward and sustain individual

revival. It is designed to be highly interactive, so be prepared to engage! We will explore

many of the core values we cover in Convergence such as: God is good, Focused on His

Presence, Creating Healthy Family, God is still Speaking, Honor Affirms Value, Jesus

Empowers Supernatural Ministry, His Kingdom is Advancing. We will define, support

with scripture, explain, apply and activate one another in each of these core values.

Class Time: Monday 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the cafe

Registration: $20/per person

Instructors: David & Sandy Sharpe