CSSM II offers in-depth classes that will build upon the foundation

laid in Core as well as challenge and equip you to go further in your identity,

establishing you as a leader. 

Convergence II courses are hand-picked by our school leaders each year, so the

syllabus changes every year. These classes are taught by school leaders, special

guests, and Equip classes (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry).  

CSSM II is a laid-back atmosphere where personal engagement is valued and

encouraged. Convergence II has a strong emphasis on developing a lifestyle of

worship, renewing the mind, becoming a friend of the Holy Spirit and walking in His

power, equipping and activating people to display the miracle working power of

Jesus.  Our students are surrounded by a community of Jesus lovers and forge new life-

giving relationships that help equip them to pursue all God has.  The school has the

foundational belief "there is more." We are exploring together what is available to us as

sons and daughters of the Most High.

Convergence II Director: Sherri Colvin

  • Some of the classes covered in Convergence II during 2022/2023 school year:

    • Sonship & Healing the Orphan Heart/Leif Hetland
    • Words of Knowledge Intensive/Shawn Bolz
    • Prophets of our Day - Revival History
    • Developing Your Speaking Skill
    • Reigning from Identity/Graham Cooke
    • Spiritual Intelligence & Warfare/Kris Vallotton
    • Developing the Leader Within You/John Bevere
    • Soul Seasons
    • Lifestyle of Power
    • Your Prophetic Process/Shawn Bolz

Student Testimonies