Convergence School of Ministry is offering

Four options for learning this coming fall!

  • Core is the first step in our school of ministry and requires a

    commitment (September 2022 - April 2023). Before you can enroll in Street

    Convergence or Specialized Convergence you must successfully complete Core


    The 2022 - 2023 Core Convergence classes will help equip the body of Christ to live

    uncompromised, unafraid, unashamed, and undone. We focus on biblical truth,

    identity, good works, and intimacy. We want our students to stand firm on truth, be fully

    known by our Father, surrendered to Him because of His goodness and love toward us,

    and to answer the call to bring peace and order to chaos. 

    We accomplish this goal through teaching and activations. Classes are taught by our

    school leaders:  pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles. We give

    opportunity to apply what is taught with activations. Our students have community with

    like-minded believers and cultivate relationships that help them to pursue all God has

    for us.  

    Tuition for entire school year: $500

    This includes all books, fall school retreat in Moravian Falls, supplies and special

    school dinners.

    Core Director: Tisha Adkins

  • CSSM II offers in-depth classes that will build upon the foundation

    laid in Core as well as challenge and equip you to go further in your identity,

    establishing you as a leader. To apply to Convergence II you must be a graduate of

    Core and commit to attending the duration of the school year,  September 2022 - April


    Convergence II courses are hand-picked by our school leaders each year, so the

    syllabus changes every year. These classes are taught by school leaders, special

    guests, and Equip classes (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry).  

    CSSM II is a laid-back atmosphere where personal engagement is valued and

    encouraged. Convergence II has a strong emphasis on developing a lifestyle of

    worship, renewing the mind, becoming a friend of the Holy Spirit and walking in His

    power, equipping and activating people to display the miracle working power of

    Jesus.  Our students are surrounded by a community of Jesus lovers and forge new life-

    giving relationships that help equip them to pursue all God has.  The school has the

    foundational belief "there is more." We are exploring together what is available to us as

    sons and daughters of the Most High.

    Tuition for entire school year: $500

    This includes all books, fall school retreat in Moravian Falls, supplies and

    special school dinners

    Convergence II Director: Sherri Colvin

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  • Street Convergence is more than a school of evangelism, it is

    all about releasing the Kingdom of God into the community of our city. To apply to

    Street CSSM you must be a graduate of Core and commit to attending the duration of

    the school year, September 2022 - April 2023. 

    We love what God is doing in all of Convergence and we want to see those things spread into the

    streets of the City. This was the heart that Street Convergence was birthed from. 

    We believe that God is preparing for the great banquet. The harvest is ready! Luke 14:21-23, Jesus says go into the city, to the streets, the alleyways. We want to love our city. Impact local businesses, government, city officials and the people of our community. We desire to

    bring the signs that follow those who believe out to those people and places. 

    As graduates of CSSM, you have been equipped to go, Street Convergence is all about

    going!  There will be teaching, but more in an activated setting as opposed to a

    classroom. Most teaching will be outside the classroom, either as we go or at a local

    restaurant. We will learn how to explore with God.

    Tuition for entire school year: $500

    This includes all books, fall school retreat in Moravian Falls, supplies and special

    school dinners.

    Street Convergence Director: Chad Snyder

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  • Out of our commitments is to see people discover and walk in the mindset of "there's

    more;" we have added a brand new addition to Convergence starting this fall!

    This allows people that would like to experience a taste of

    Convergence but are unable to commit to the entire school year due to work, family, etc

    the chance to participate in some capacity. Through Convergence electives, you will

    have the opportunity to grow spiritually, get equipped, stretch your faith and grow

    relationally through community.  Each semester new electives are offered.  With the

    exception of one class that runs September - April, some electives are 9-weeks, some are

    5-weeks, some less.  Each class is different and runs for a select number of weeks. Each

    class has a set number of openings available and offered on a first come basis. 

    Registration is done through the church website. Classes do have a registration fee,

    depending on the class. The fee covers books, supplies, food (if applicable). 

    Click here for a full list of Convergence Electives for 2022-2023.

YES, you were created for more.

CSSM was established in 2010.  Our vision is to see lives transformed in order to transform culture that reflects heaven on earth. We are a regional school that serves leaders and has had 20+ churches and various denominations represented in the school.

What we desire for students:

To receive a deeper understanding of who they are as God's image bearers and a passion to display His goodness in all areas of creation. We desire that people would learn to take the lifestyle they learn in the school into their everyday life.  We want to train people that love their region, those that will invest their lives here and want to bring the kingdom right where they are.


 We believe the Kingdom of God is accessible  and meant to be displayed to answer creation's groans for the son's of God to be manifest. If you're ready to answer the call into a life of MORE, don't pass up this opportunity, don't put it off for another year!