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In the last week of July 2022 I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to enter a fast. Not one of food or water, but of entertainment. The fast included news, social media, music, podcasts, sports or anything else that I would have used to slip into an entertained numbing. I thought my senses would be heightened to hear God’s voice more clearly and they may have been, but through the weeks I heard nothing. That is until 3:30am on July 29. I was awakened by my name being called. “Dan”. It startled me and my eyes popped open out of a dead sleep. I got up, looked around the house to make sure it wasn’t a warning and then laid there for a couple of moments to ask. “Yes?” The voice of the Lord said “I want you to prepare my people.” I said, “For what?” He said, “A visitation” I thought to myself “how?” but I didn’t ask the question and as quickly as I awoke I was back asleep. I thought about it the next day and thought that the word “visitation” was a strange word to use. So I looked it up. Depending on the source you use you’ll get varying definitions, but most interestingly is how these definitions have a connection to the church.

1. (in church use) an official visit of inspection

2. the appearance of a divine or supernatural being.

3. a disaster or difficulty (one definition included ‘blessing and comfort’) regarded as being

ordained by God.

4. the visit of the Virgin Mary to Elizabeth related in Luke 1:39–56

5. a divorced person's right to spend time with their children

6. a gathering with the family of a deceased person before the funeral.

Each definition can raise a thought or two. I definitely considered them all. That is until Saturday morning when the prompting of the Holy Spirit led me to write the following in my journal: 

You will not manufacture it, you will not have to try. What is coming will be the holiest of moments. 

You won’t want to sing, or shout, laugh or move. You will just want to be in it. People will come just to be in it. They will sit in it and be healed and they will be changed. Nothing will have to preached or done in my name for salvation to come to this house.


You have prepared your people to be still and that be the greatest gift this house. 

Practice the stillness.

This was familiar to me and I went back in my journal to an entry I made on January 15, 2019. These are the words and directions that the Holy Spirit gave to me:

We need to start shaping our prophetic words into something the world can hear and not just what the church can hear. 

The world is the coming church that hasn’t seen its destiny. The unsaved are the coming church that hasn’t seen it’s destiny, they have not seen their freedom. They have not seen the life, the love, the way, the truth or the experience of the living Jesus. 

There’s another move coming a revival of immense power and flavor. I say ‘revival’ because you will

know what to look for when I say that, but the world will call it something else. They will call it

‘meeting with God’, tasting another realm, even Heaven on Earth.

Do not talk over the heads of those who come in. They must understand you. They must be equipped

by you. You will have to walk with them as you teach and not just give them information.

The four corners will shout obscenities because the earth will quake and shake with His presence and

significant waves of love will crash all around fulfilling one more time His grandest of wishes; that all

men, all women, all children know that His love for them is immeasurable. His love is personal and His

love is free. Receive it.

That is all you have to say. That is all you will have to give. They will be ready to walk in it.

The church will grow in numbers but you will not have to build new or bigger facilities, that is a


When it ends, it ends. Like when 3000 came in and believed (Acts 2) it ceased, but the trickling effect

from those 3000 lasted and went on and on changing the world.

(Note: Three thousand people did not get saved and go into one building or church, they all dispersed

after the feast and went back to their own countries)

You will hear of rumors of a move of God, hit it’s not this one. You will see events of revival, but it’s

not this one.

I will not choose a city, I will choose a people.

When this happens the school must be prepared to act quickly, you cannot wait until the next school

year to admit people they must be admitted immediately and you cannot charge them.

Whatever (not whoever)… whatever I tell you to purge from the church, purge it completely and do

not fear the repercussions of this, but whatever I tell you to purge from the church purge it

completely. If you don’t it will not go away and it will become integrated into the next generation and

that generation will become distracted with religious fossils and ideologies more than any other


It will be a purge of the things we think we can still live with, and we will wrestle with the idea that

it’s not bad enough to get rid of all of it.


-Pastor Dan Colvin