Who We Are

We are a family that is passionate for Jesus, building His Kingdom and pursuing the presence of God. We believe God is good, He is a God that loves to heal, and He is still moving on the earth in miraculous signs and wonders. We believe one encounter with The Lord can change everything. From that place of encountering Him, we are a church with a school, equipping and empowering people to engage our region to see transformation as the love and power of God are released and the Kingdom of Heaven established here. Whatever we have experienced in God up to this point, we believe there is always more.

Our Vision & Purpose

We desire people to encounter the transforming love and power of God As they are being grounded in His Word, His Presence and Community. Our desire is for people to live revived. We believe revival isn’t some day off in the future, we believe revival is here, revival is now. We aren’t waiting for the Holy Spirit to come, The Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost and never left, because of this we can live continually revived.

    • The Bible is God's infallible Word. 
    • The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are co-equal and co-eternal. 
    • Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and our only Savior. 
    • All people have sinned and need to be forgiven. 
    • God loves everyone and He is in a good mood. 
    • Christ died for our sins and rose again to save us. 
    • Salvation is a gift of God, by grace alone, through faith alone. 
    • Christians are responsible to love God and disciple all nations. 
    • Everyone will spend eternity in either heaven or hell. 
    • There is more, everyday is our opportunity for revival. 
    • The Holy Spirit enables us to live empowered day to day. 
    • The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today and for every believer... so get some!
    • Prayer
    • Scripture
    • Worship
    • The Presence of God
    • Love & Power
    • Honor
    • Family
    • Healing & Miracles
    • Generosity
    • Creativity


Center City Church began in the hearts of a few back in the winter of 2004, when God called Dan and Sherri Colvin to return to Greensboro to plant a church in the downtown area. After being senior leaders of a church in downtown Richmond, VA they packed up their house and kids and headed back to their hometown of Greensboro, NC. 

Center City began as an Assembly of God church, but with the blessing and honor of the district leadership they found themselves moving in another direction to became associated with Bethel Church in Redding, CA. They have developed many relationships there, adopting the culture of revival, honor, healing and identity.

Dan & Sherri Colvin

Senior Leaders

The Colvin's calling and core purpose is to create an atmosphere to encounter the presence of God. They serve to empower and equip believers to walk in their God given destiny.

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