February 6, 2023:

Building Search & Financial Update

Center City Family & Friends,

We want to keep everyone updated on where we are with the process of finding a new home for Center City Church.  We had been looking within a 1-2 mile radius from our current building but this search has been widened due to lack of inventory of suitable locations.

Our desire is to purchase our next building and put down stakes.  With leasing, there is a high probability it would require both our savings and the building funds we’ve raised to up-fit another leased building.  We would much rather use our resources towards purchasing and giving the church a permanent home.  We’ve widened our property search but desire to stay centrally located.  We’ve been so encouraged by the words that have been spoken over CC, reconfirming that the process of finding a building would be straightforward and led forth with peace. Please partner with us in faith as The Lord guides each step and leads us to the blessing He has for this church.   

To re-cap, we did obtain loan approval of 1.75 million with a 75% LTV.  If we did purchase a $2 million property, $300K-450K in cash would be required up-front to cover the downpayment and closing costs.  If the building should require updating, of course that would decrease what we could spend on the purchase.  

We are a supernatural church and we totally believe none of this is outside of what He can do. We believe He can do this without a loan, He can provide everything we have need of.  When Joan Hunter came to minister, she prophesied Center City Church would be given $3 Million for a building.  We have held fast to this word. We don’t know how God will do this, whether He does it through one source or He does it through the generosity of His people.  Our desire is to lean into the Holy Spirit and stay open to whatever He has, no matter how things appear. 

We see this present time as an opportunity to give into what is coming so that when we find the building, we can move towards purchasing without setbacks. 

Current Finances:

Savings: $200K  

The funds we’ve raised since December 2022 total $60,693. 

When we placed the offer on our current building, we had to hire an attorney to draw up the paperwork, that was a $3K expense. Per our lease agreement we are required to pay the property tax every December on our current building ($10K), we were able to do both these things without having to pull from savings, God is faithful!   

Thank you for standing in faith with us to see His promises over this church fulfilled.  We are excited and see 2023 as a year of victory for us all! 

We love you, 

Dan & Sherri Colvin